introducing the Time and Tide collection, now showing at

You can read all about it here

Silver and distressed enamel bring back memories of eroded hulls, seaweed encrusted coiled rope, and the endless variety of battered artefacts that wash up on the foreshore

The first collection in which I have channeled my favourite pass-time …mudlarking! What is mudlarking? It’s hunting for treasure in a river, in my case, the Thames. For me, treasure is anything that catches my eye, but I look out for natural garnets, antique glass beads, smooth old pipe stem fragments, beautifully distressed metal and patterned ceramics.

Finds are never more beautiful than in the context of this magnificent riverscape, but they still continue to inspire once in my studio.

As well as working with silver to bring back the atmosphere of the river, I’ve actually used some of my favourite finds within the jewellery

The Old Bouys Club has three ‘beads’ that I found in the thames – an antique blue glass bead, a fragment of copper I’ve coiled and a clay pipe fragment

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