Nature hates a straight line

I’m a self taught jeweller and that has its pros and cons. I’ve decided to harness my limitations and use them as strengths. There are lots of things I’ll never be able to do. But then I’d never want to either. Design is deciding who you are and for me that is not a straight line type of a person. I’m inspired by nature, looking for an organic aesthetic in my work. I buy my sterling silver ecowire [which means its 100% recycled] smooth and straight and perfect, and I take great pains to make it rough  and textured and imperfect.

This means melting, decoration with solder and scrap metal, reticulating using fire, hammering with traditional tools [and some not so traditional ones, like the nails I found mudlarking in the Thames], and enamelling in a haphazard way to bring in some colour. Sometimes the fire does this naturally, creating firescale, which is the enemy of the traditional jeweller, as it creates a sort of mucky rusty surface, but it is very much my friend.

So I guess you could say I’m in the business of artful destruction!

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