Each of these pieces are unique. Most of them have found a new home. Ruth displays her current work on Instagram so please pop over there to see what is new.
Below the Instagram section, Ruth creates within three main collections:
These are the three major styles of jewellery that Ruth makes, and within them she produces limited edition mini-collections, so the products are constantly changing.

For example, she might make a range for her Nomad collection out of a one off special find like an antique necklace, could create 5 pairs of earrings, a pendant and a bracelet.

If you like a particular piece she may be able to make you something similar, as she does bespoke orders.


“A keen mudlarker, this collection is inspired by my love of finding treasure in the most unexpected of places. Working with ancient beads and medieval metal detecting finds, I create new, unique, wearable jewellery which ultimately still retains the spirit and charm of the past. If something looks like I’ve just dug it up, then I’m happy.”


“Experiments in melted and mended metal. Items take on a life of their own during creation. Brutalist, yet lyrical. For example, my Kintsugi pieces are mended with gold. Creativity is about letting go, and this is my most unusual jewellery.”


“Antique and vintage treasures and trinkets found on my travels given a new life. This is my classic Moth and Magpie modus operandi, reassembling and reimagining heirloom and cast off jewellery. Perfect if you appreciate intricate detail and whispers of past stories.”