Art is a conversation. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to be drumming to your own beat, sending it out into the big wide jungle. But when you hear that rhythm responded to and elaborated on, it tells you you’ve found your tribe.

And it’s drumming from the heart, for the sheer joy of it. It’s for you as much as it is to be heard. To the beat of your own heart. Inauthenticity just doesn’t work. I’ve tried it. To the accurate yet crushing response that ‘the whole is not better than the sum of the parts’. And isn’t that true of music. It’s more than notes when it’s set alight by something above itself, something that human hearts can respond to. Artists can be quite scared of being plagiarised, but the way I see, it if you light someone’s fire with your own that’s a good thing. If their own resources are not from their heart, if deep isn’t calling to deep, then their own stumpy candle will soon burn out. But the opposite end of interacting is something so beautiful and healthy. And that is a sort of mutual flourishing. A call and response. And I think Samantha Somers and I have been doing that naturally for years. Actually, if you are encountering and ingesting someone’s work, it’s always going to affect ones own aesthetic in one way or another. In this way artists naturally collaborate instinctively. Subconsciously. It delights me that Samantha @sjfartz affectionately calls what we are up to ‘Collabi-sabi’, after the Japanese understanding that nothing is finished, nothing is perfect. It’s being happy in the midst of the journey.

That’s what I hope is happening with us. It’s not a neat project with a beginning and end, it’s permission to more publicly acknowledge a visual conversation. In my mind the art is in this investigation. The work that comes out of it is in some ways a by product. That’s the joy of it. We don’t know quite where or how this will end up, but having the opportunity to interact is precious and a process to be enjoyed and savoured.

Follow our progress on Samantha’s blog at her website

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