Less is more

Aren’t these shells pretty? So delicate, with a vivid blue flash that reminds me of opals.

They are from an antique Victorian necklace, and apparently now only allowed to be harvested by the aboriginal women of Australia, where they shells are from. (Do let me know if I’m right, and if you have more info).

They deserved to be shown off just as they are, so I formed some hoops out of Ecosilver, which is 100% recycled sterling silver.

My dilemma now is whether I leave them as they are, for the shells to tremble as the wearer moves and catch the light in 100 different ways, or whether to pop a dab of glue inside the shells to make them more secure.

Weirdly, it takes courage to choose simplicity. In my head is the equation more detail=more beauty. But sometimes it’s good to showcase a perfect form. And there is nowhere to hide when creating a circle in metal- it has to be right!